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When wheels and tires fall off of trucks in Georgia

Georgia has its share of accidents caused by flying wheels and tires that come loose from trucks. It’s a danger on the road that most drivers never consider. A steel wheel with a tire attached can weigh 100 pounds or more. That weight with speed behind it can result in an accident that leads to injuries or death.

Unavoidable accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving flying wheels are generally impossible for victims to avoid. Victims are caught off-guard and hit before they even realize what’s happening. In addition to motor vehicle drivers, victims can include pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.

Those at high-risk for flying wheel accidents include road repair workers, transportation workers and state police officers. People in these professions spend significant time on roads and highways without protection from flying debris.

The aftermath of flying wheel accidents

Determining the cause of these accidents helps make trucks safer. Finding the cause makes it easier for manufacturers and trucking companies to prevent similar accidents.

There are several reasons why such an accident could occur. One of the most common reasons is old and worn-out truck parts. A broken or rusted axle can cause a wheel and tire to detach from a truck. It’s also possible that manufacturing errors, lack of maintenance or improperly installed parts can cause a flying wheel accident.

In most accidents involving flying wheels and tires, investigators want the repair and maintenance records of the truck involved. It’s common to discover that issues were identified but never repaired.

Relief for victims

United States law requires that commercial trucking companies have liability insurance. The coverage generally provides at least $1 million in benefits for injuries and helps victims receive compensation for injuries and damages caused by negligent trucking companies.