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Car Problems Could Factor Into Compensation

For most drivers, buying a vehicle comes with a great deal of thought and consideration. A purchase typically factors in cost, safety and performance.

Unfortunately, a vehicle’s specifications could fail, putting you or those around you in danger. No matter the make and model, you could encounter a situation where integrity comes into question.

With the products liability attorneys at Williams & Associates PC, justice reigns supreme. Our litigators have extensive experience protecting the best interests of injured clients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. If you get hurt due to a defect in your vehicle or due to a crash caused by another driver’s automotive malfunction, you may be within your rights to seek financial compensation.

Common Vehicle Defects: Multiple Parties May Be Liable

Distracted driving causes many motor vehicle accidents, though negligence can extend far beyond a driver’s attention span behind the wheel. A poorly maintained vehicle or noncompliance with a vehicle recall could develop fault.

At the same time, a manufacturing defect could cause serious injuries through a malfunctioning part, poor construction or a problem with a vehicle’s function. In some cases, catastrophic injuries stem from design flaws.

Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients over the past 30 years. We can represent you against negligent drivers, vehicle manufacturers or shipping companies involved in distribution, as well as insurance companies who work against your best interests.

Common automobile defects include a:

  • Leak in the fuel system
  • Stuck accelerator
  • Faulty seat belt
  • Bad tire
  • Malfunctioning brake
  • Broken steering component

Additionally, substandard wiring can increase fire risk, and air bags that do not deploy properly could result in the loss of life.

Fight Back When Vehicle Defects Are To Blame

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