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Accountability For The Unimaginable

Scrapes and bruises are a normal part of life. Yet, while many injuries have no serious consequences, others can have permanent, catastrophic repercussions.

For the attorneys at Williams & Associates PC, maximizing compensation is an imperative part of protecting your rights. Where justice reigns supreme, our Atlanta personal injury law firm dedicated the past 30 years to litigating for financial recovery in the best interests of our clients. We can do the same for you.

We Seek Maximum Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents are a significant source of life-threatening, and far too often fatal, personal injuries in Georgia. Our lawyers believe that when negligence is to blame, accountability should factor into the financial compensation you deserve.

The medical attention, recovery time and related cost of injuries can prove overwhelming. However, despite the potential risks you face on a regular basis, you probably never consider suffering an injury from which you cannot fully recuperate.

Some Injuries Can Permanently Change Your Life

Quite often, permanent damage occurs during a motor vehicle accident. However, injuries can happen anywhere.

Severe injuries that could have a negative effect on your physical and financial future include:

  • Spinal cord injury: Along with partial or complete paralysis, damage to the spinal cord could leave someone struggling to breathe on their own, cause chronic pain or result in the lost capability to control bodily functions.
  • Lost limb: In some cases, injuries require amputation.
  • Severe burn: In addition to painful nerve damage, infections and disfiguration are relatively typical complications of burns that cover a large percentage of the body.
  • Traumatic brain injury: While some brain injuries can improve with treatment, the ability to communicate, move or comprehend may be lost.

A crash can also cause internal bleeding and irreversible organ damage, potentially leading to wrongful death.

You Deserve Justice

If your future is unknown because of someone else’s negligence, this is the time to hold them accountable. Our catastrophic injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in damages for previous clients. Call today to explore your legal options.

Williams & Associates PC provides counsel on a contingency plan. Therefore, we get paid only if we recover damages for you. Contact us online for more information.