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How Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Protect You?

An auto insurance policy is a valuable investment and can protect you and others from a broad range of scenarios. Don’t forget to carry evidence of your auto insurance in your vehicle at all times. This can be your insurance card or a picture on your phone.

Here are 8 reasons why  auto insurance is important:

  1. It protects you if you are at fault for a Collision.
  2. It can compensate you for a Collision caused by someone else.
  3. It can help protect your assets.
  4. It can cover you for bodily injury if the at-fault driver left the scene.
  5. It can cover your passengers.
  6. It can cover you for bodily injury when the at-fault driver did not have enough coverage
  7. It can compensate you for property damage repairs to your vehicle.
  8. It can supplement your health insurance.

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