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Defensive driving could make accidents less likely

One helpful way to reduce the potential for an accident involves embracing defensive driving tactics. Defensive driving is all about safety, and safe drivers may avoid behaviors that increase the chances of collisions. Coming to a complete stop at all Georgia stop signs is a safe habit that adheres to state law. Not everyone follows the law, though. A defensive motorist understands that other drivers, along with pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists, could do something ill-advised. Defensive driving tactics might help with avoiding them or reacting properly to danger.

Staying true to safe driving behaviors

A defensive driver won’t likely do something that undermines safety. A driver who operates a vehicle at a safe speed for current traffic conditions might be better positioned to stop quickly. Defensive drivers may remain ever alert on a busy street with numerous pedestrians. Such a driver might keep an eye out for hazards while avoiding making any moving violations.

Disastrous behaviors, such as tailgating, won’t usually be something defensive drivers may do. Defensive drivers might let someone tailgating them pass, opting for safety over ego. Road raging and aggressive, offensive driving behaviors are not defensive, and safe drivers aren’t known for misbehaving behind the wheel.

Other ideas about defensive driving

A defensive driver might know that a well-maintained vehicle could be a safer one. Ensuring a vehicle’s brakes are safe improves its chances of performing well when needed. Poorly maintained cars could cause regrettable motor vehicle accidents, so routine trips to a dealership’s service center seem wise.

A sharp mind works a bit like a well-serviced car. Distracted and fatigued driving could hurt someone’s ability to drive defensively. Taking to the road when too tired to drive might have terrible consequences. The same may be true about texting on the road rather than waiting until home.

Taking a formal class at a driver’s school would help, and those without the time or funds could simply read tips and insights on ways to drive better. Watching online videos might be worthwhile as well.