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What are the most common car recall remedies?

Periodically, you might hear about automobile recalls. Typically, these recalls involve a defect that could cause a Georgia car accident if it’s not remedied. If your car is involved in one of these recalls, how can you stay safe on the road without buying a completely new vehicle?

What are your options if the manufacturer recalls your vehicle?

According to federal law, any car manufacturer that sells dangerous products has to provide a free remedy. If you’re dealing with a small issue, you might be able to get it fixed at your local dealer free of charge. Note that you might have to wait a while because other car owners are seeking repairs at the same time.

If the issue affects a piece of equipment, the manufacturer might replace it for free. They could even outright replace the vehicle if the defect is too severe for them to correct at the dealership. Otherwise, the manufacturer might offer a refund for the price of the vehicle. Note that they might subtract the amount of depreciation from their total offer.

What if you’ve already been injured as a result of the defect? Even if you accept the free remedy, you should still contact a products liability attorney and possibly file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. The company might be trying to protect itself from lawsuits, but the damage is already done.

Have you sustained injuries because of a motor vehicle defect?

Statistically, most car accidents are caused by driver error. However, a small percentage result from a manufacturing defect. Even a minor issue could cause the car to malfunction when it’s on the road, sending you off the highway or crashing your car into another vehicle.

The manufacturer might have fixed the defect or offered a refund, but they haven’t offered to pay for your medical bills. An attorney could help you pursue a lawsuit against the car manufacturer. Even if they’ve already initiated the recall, you could still sue them for medical bills, lost wages and even loss of a loved one.