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Could defective parts cause a tragic auto accident?

When one car rear ends another vehicle, an injury may result. The injured party may assume that the driver who caused the collision was negligent. Sometimes, that may very well be the case. However, what if the colliding driver stepped on the brake pedal, and nothing happened? Perhaps a manufacturing-related problem troubled the brake system. In such cases, negligence may fall at the doorstep of that manufacturer. Not every vehicle rolls off the assembly line and hits Georgia showrooms in perfect condition. Product defects may plague parts found inside cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Manufacturer responsibilities and vehicle safety

Car manufacturers are responsible for delivering safe vehicles to the market. Upon discovering problems, the manufacturer should send out a warning.

Strict liability laws factor into motor vehicle defect cases. That means specific behavior, carelessness, or deliberate wrongdoing need not factor into liability. If the vehicle went to the marketplace with an “unreasonably dangerous” defect, the manufacturer might face negligence claims. Of course, someone would need to suffer an injury to file a claim. Also, issues with a third-party’s action could factor into the suit.

If the vehicle undergoes substantial alterations, the changes could affect liability claims against the manufacturer. Putting a new engine or transmission in the vehicle might substantially impact performance. That said, any third-party that ruins a job on a car could face negligence claims. A service technician, for example, might damage a component. The technician and his or her employer could be responsible for resultant injuries.

Wrongful death and defective car parts

A problematic part might lead to more than the inconvenience of a vehicle not starting one morning. A car might suffer a critical failure that leads to a fatal accident. Vehicle safety ranks high on many consumers’ purchasing requirements. Vehicles unable to meet safety expectations could lead to tragedy.

Owners and drivers must understand that continuing to drive vehicles with known defects could put all or some negligence on their shoulders. Anyone involved in a defective parts-related accident may wish to discuss the case with an attorney. This attorney could review the case and provide insights.